We like simple, and our pricing reflects that. 

No extras, add-on's, or hidden fees around the corner.

When you hire us, we're on board for both pre and post production.

(Note - if you ask us to do something above and beyond the call of duty for a normal photographer, we'll of course charge accordingly.)


Hourly: $250
Portrait Session: $500

On Location

Hourly: $250
Events: $2,500 - $7,500

Product Photography


Base: $35/ea
5-10: $33/ea
11-25: $31/ea
26-75: $29/ea
75+: $25/ea


Base: $999
2-3: $750
4-5: $625
6+: $500


Base: $999
Models: $750/up
M.U.A.H.: $250/up
Travel: $2/mile


Contact Us

Our availability varies, so feel free to reach out promptly if you want to be sure to get on the books in the near future!

Please provide as much info as possible when inquiring about a shoot, and don't be scared to ask questions. 

Bear in mind that certain services (such as event photography) typically require several months advance notice. 

We can't wait to hear from you, so go on - let those fingers dance!



Who We Are

Rayne Photography represents the work of Jason Rayne and Jennifer Green, a young couple living in the Pacific Northwest with a mutual passion for the arts.

Jason was raised by photographers, and feels right at home behind the lens. He loves to create, invent, and experiment - and if those three things can help forge a better photo, all the better!

Jennifer is a model, a writer, and a photographer. She's just at home behind the lens as she is in front of it, and it shows in her work. She's a wonderful model coach, and has saved the shoot more than once with her quick thinking and creative problem solving.


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